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Annonce n° A5954

ssd clean money (Accra)

Ajoutée le: Mercredi 19 Juin, 2019  00:40
Mise à jour le: Vendredi 05 Juillet, 2019  00:54
S'efface le: Dimanche 15 Décembre, 2019  23:40
Répondre à: labocleanexpress@gmail.com

                    Welcome to the official service cleaning
laboratory of money 

We provide our customers with: Materials, products, fast and efficient service in the cleaning of masked and encrypted banknotes in the following colors: Black, Green and Red. Our main objective is to satisfy the customers who are in a delicate situation, to give courage to all the customers who have lost hope and we put at their disposal the following solutions: Machine. Efficient and fast products, manual and automatic work. Our main clients are: banks and Humanitarian Organizations, customers with encrypted fortunes are also welcome. we are one of the internationally well-known laboratories, which is set up is with the aim to better guide you and to offer you the different products of cleaning laboratory of money, you will also discover our know-how . cleaning laboratory of money is based in France and in Portugal and works all over the world.. cleaning laboratory of money ® is represented in the World. you can get more information by contacting us at: Tel Portugal: (00351) 920 564 811 Tel France: (0033) 758 909 645 Whatsapp : (0033) 758 909 645 Email: : labocle&# 97;nexpress@gmai l.com »

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